iPhone13 Pro Max vs Samsung s22 Ultra: Detailed Camera Comparison

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This new Samsung phone is promising more detailed photos, smoother videos, enhanced stabilization, and away more intelligent camera than the company has ever released before. But that’s up against the iPhone 13 pro max which since the day it launched has been the most refined, reliable camera system that you can get on a smartphone. Before we dive into detailed camera comparison, is equally important to question which one is more fun to use?

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera Specs:

  • Main Camera: 108MP | f/1.8 aperture | 23mm field-of-view | 1/1.33″ sensor size | 0.8-micron pixel size
  • Ultra-Wide Camera: 12MP | f/2.2 aperture | 13mm field-of-view | 1/2.55″ sensor size | 1.4-micron pixel size
  • 3X times Telephoto Camera: 10MP | f/2.4 aperture | 70mm field-of-view | 1/3.52″ sensor size | 1.12-micron pixel size
  • 10X Periscope Telephoto Camera:10MP | f/4.9 aperture | 230mm field-of-view | 1/3.52″ sensor size | 1.12-micron pixel size
  • Front Camera:40MP | f/2.2 aperture | 26mm field-of-view | 1/2.82″ sensor size | 0.7-micron pixel size

iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera Specs:

  • Main Camera: 12MP | f/1.5 aperture | 26mm field-of-view | 0.9-micron pixel size
  • Ultrawide Camera: 12MP | f/1.8 aperture | 13mm field-of-view
  • 3X Telephoto Camera: 12MP | f/2.8 aperture | 77mm field-of-view
  • Front Camera: 12MP | f/1.5 aperture | 26mm field-of-view | 0.9-micron pixel size

For a more detailed camera comparison of iPhone 13 pro max and Samsung s22 ultra, we have decided to compare through 6 main categories i.e., Daytime Photography, Macro Photography, Low Light Photography, Zoom Camera, Front Camera, and Videos.

  1. Daytime Photography:

When it comes to specs-sheet, Samsung Camera completely demolishes the iPhone 13 camera system, especially in the optical zoom department. But in day-to-day practice, Daytime photography on both phones is really impressive; you can’t go wrong with either of them. That said, there’s a noticeable difference in their image quality and processing.

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max

Apple iPhones let you choose a photographic style so you can add your spin. They also made a new close-up macro mode for the first time and they added a cinematic video which at the time the phone launched was the most well-thought-out implementation of this type of DSLR style recording. The iPhone 13 Pro Max usually leans toward warmer and more realistic colors, and Photos looks more true-to-life. Also, the iPhone 13 Pro Max has a slightly faster shutter speed and less lens flare.

  • Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra

Samsung’s Camera is really fun and it’s a combination of things it’s partly the fact that they’ve improved their cinematic mode not quite at the iPhone’s level but close. Now, it’s partly the fact that the zoom on this phone is not just good but extreme it’s partly the fact that this new screen is so bright that it makes broad daylight feel like child’s play and then also auto framing which is a new model that can dynamically zoom the camera in or out to accommodate more or fewer people. The S22 Ultra has nearly flawless edge detection and can separate individual strands of hair from the background for DSLR-like portraits, alongside a slightly better dynamic range. The S22 Ultra has cooler and more playful colors.

  1. Macro Photography:

The macro Camera System is integrated beautifully on both phones. You just bring your phone close to something and bam you have an almost microscopic view of it.

I’d say that the S22s macros look a little crispier and the extra processing that Samsung does to shots gives them quite a nice color pop but the iPhone can get even closer which is also a big win in this category.

  1. Low Light Photography:

Low-light photography on the S22 Ultra and the iPhone 13 Pro Max is very different. While the S22 Ultra brightens your image, iPhone 13 Pro Max preserves the essence of nighttime. And this is going to be a highly subjective thing, some of them want their nighttime photos to look brighter and some don’t so we can’t say for sure which is better.

If you’re a fan of realism, you’re going to like the iPhone more because of how accurately it represents ambient light. But this also means that there may not be many distinctly visible elements in your photo, so even though the photo is realistic, there’s not much in it to see.

If you’re more creative, the S22 Ultra will ensure that your low-light shots always have enough amount of detail, light, and color so that you don’t have to edit your images yourself. But you’ll also find it annoying at times when it brightens up the things that look better dark.

  1. Zoom Camera:

When it comes to zoom photography, Samsung completely obliterates the iPhone. With its setup of two telephoto cameras, one capable of three-time zoom the other capable of ten times however thanks to the ability to now capture from multiple cameras at the same time and merge those shots for improved quality and the ability to use ai to drastically clean up images after they’ve been taken the s22 ultra doesn’t just beat it completely spanks the iPhone single three-time zoom camera. Detailed camera comparison shows that when going all the way from the ultrawide to the wide to three times, ten times then, here you can see the iPhone’s image starting to die a little here and there while on the other hand, the Samsung image is still clean, usable, and intact.

  1. Portraits:

The New Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra doesn’t fall much back in this category of portraits mode. There was a time when iPhone portraits were unbeatable, apple was the first to properly introduce this feature and for a good four years or so, android phone makers have just been trying unsuccessfully trying to recreating their formula. But now, with the S22 ultra I think, Samsung is their closest competitor but mostly thanks to one key new thing impeccable edge detection you could have the most complex confusing background, and yet the s22 ultra and its new improved artificial intelligence still seem to cut the foreground out so confidently and perfectly.

Samsung’s three-time zoom camera is the default camera used for portraits so it’s just not as good quality as apple’s three times zoom camera. The iPhone’s portraits just remain more detailed and also some sense portrait mode barely activates if you step more than three meters away. So, Overall both the phones are very good at portraits.

  1. Front Camera:

iPhone 13 Pro Max is equipped with a 12MP camera that clicks the most natural and clean photos. The photos taken from iPhone are so much consistent with only the drawback being lesser megapixels along with fewer details.

However, Samsung S22 Ultra is equipped with a 40MP front camera and if you like the S22 Ultra’s normal daytime photos, you’re going to like its selfies too; they’re contrasty, colorful, and confident.

If you have a habit of taking a lot of selfie videos, going Live on Instagram, or shooting TikTok clips, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the clear winner. But, if your selfie use is limited to photos, the S22 Ultra has higher resolution thus bringing more details to the image, and can click beautiful images with deep contrasty shadows as long as you can have adequate lighting.

  1. Videos:

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is still miles better than the S22 Ultra when it comes to video. The former looks significantly cleaner and more put together, while the latter lacks detail and gives wildly inconsistent results. In the daytime, the S22 Ultra takes more vibrant videos; but at nighttime, it looks faded and washed-out.

In both conditions, the video quality still looks inferior; you’ll struggle to get a video on the S22 Ultra that looks as good as the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Plus, the iPhone is equipped with a cinematic mode that can create amazing videos like the DSLR.

However, the S22 Ultra with its better Optical Image Stabilization has less shaky and slower slow-motion video. Plus, its software feature Director’s view lets you visualize video outputs from all cameras at once, making it a compelling option for vloggers and content creators.

Our Opinion:

Though Samsung has a higher megapixels camera system and better software, Apple produces more consistent images and better videos due to its mighty A15 bionic chip.

So, for camera enthusiasts, the Samsung S22 ultra is the better choice because of its more camera modes. And for users with normal usage, iPhone 13 pro max produces good Photos and videos. Hope our iPhone 13 pro max vs Samsung S22 ultra: detailed camera comparison helped you to select the best camera phone for you.

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